Rock of Ages live on Norwegian Breakaway

I’m now sat in the theatre awaiting for the hit broadway show ‘Rock of Ages’ to start. I was born in early 70s so did my growing up in the 80s and 90s and being a Northern Lad Rock music was the anthem of my youth. I love the trend of full cast productions on ships especially when they are complimentary. Anybody who has been to see a show lately knows that a good ticket will set you back at least £60 so to be sat 4 rows back with an excellent view and a really pleasant waiter on his way to get me a Carona can’t be bad. I am sure it will be fabulous, actually talking of my youth I have just watched a remake of the Film ‘Red Dawn’ in my stateroom another way I like to relax while I am away (we usually watch the new releases as a family and to pay $9.95 for a film that is still in the cinema in the UK certainly makes sense and if you would like a pizza delivered to your stateroom then the largest New York style pizzas can be delivered to your stateroom for $5). I’m going to sit back, enjoy a beer and the show.



All I can say about Rock of Ages on board Norwegian Breakaway is ‘Phew’ what an amazing show and a fabulous cast in a theatre that really did rock. I do not think that my wife would appreciate it if I bought her the outfits the performers wore for her birthday but I had been advised the show was a little bit risqué but hey you have to Rock Like a Norwegian. When Norwegian Cruise Lines turned 40 they introduced the Rebellious Fish, a visual statement that I love (one fish swimming the opposite way to the crowd). The rebellious fish concept allows ships like Norwegian Breakaway to offer shows like Rock of ages and I haven’t even mentioned the 80s party in Spice h2o yet !

My apologies for the delay in this section of my blog, I tried to post it after midnight on the last day of my cruise but the wifi was disabled due to the checking out and billing.


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