Teenage Kicks Right Through the Night on Norwegian Breakaway

As a proud father of three a major factor when arranging our family cruise each year is facilities for my siblings. My eldest son is 15 and he is typical of an energetic teen and likes to dip in and out of the teen club, use as many sport facilities as possible and generally make me wait up to 1am when the children’s curfew starts. Norwegian Breakaway is in my opinion a dream for teenagers, the Teen Club ‘Entourage’ has been evolved on Norwegian Breakaway to include a dance floor with video screens (on previous ships the Entourage Club has been more like a meet up / chill out lounge). I was enjoying the music while looking round and wasnt expecting the Arctic Monkeys (the naughty words were bleeped out which makes you think how much planning goes into every aspect of the ship). Norwegian Breakaway has partnered with Nintendo to have the new Wii U consol in both Entourage and the children’s club (An advantage of Wii U is up to 5 players can use the consol at any one time, they have a large stock of games that are age specific). Entourage is positioned below the Sports Complex which includes the Rope Course (including the thrilling ‘Walk the Plank’), the Basketball Court, the Mini Golf, the Bungee Trampoline, the Climbing Wall and the Water Slides. The Uptown Bar and Grill is also next door allowing freedom when dining as well. Below are pictures of a lot of the facilities described and I know when I bring my children on Norwegian Breakaway I won’t be hearing the words ‘I’m bored’.








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