80s Party and the First Cruise Ship to Schedule Fireworks On Every Cruise

You know something special is about to happen when the Cruise Director and her team appear on an outside dance floor in front of a large video screen playing the full original video to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. The entertainment team were all dressed as characters from the video and danced in unison to the music in true Thriller Style before making the statement ‘this is not a show, this is biggest 80s party at sea’. The dance floor then filled up with guests while music from the 80s projected on the big screen including Dire Straights ‘Money for Nothing’, Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ and Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer. The evening was a little fresh and a lot of guests went to their stateroom to get a fleece or a jacket (I enjoyed an Irish Coffee to warm me up) but this certainly did not stop the party. After the dancing it was time to enjoy the new signature on Norwegian Breakaway, the weekly scheduled Fireworks at Sea. A tip for guests when waiting for the Fireworks, make sure you are on the dance floor. I was expecting the fireworks to be fired from above the big screen but they actually came from the deck above so the dance floor would give you the best view of the fireworks and the ship. The fireworks were spectacular and choreographed to music including Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’. This is certainly a party you do not want to miss.




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