A Newbie view of Royal Caribbean

Hi, I’m Jill and am contributing to Anth’s Blog. Helen and myself from the reservations team were delighted to have the opportunity of experiencing the newly revitalised Brilliance of the Seas. Below is a quick pic of the three of us in my favourite bar the Schooner Bar before dinner, I am the lady in red and I am with Anthony Cruise365’s owner and Helen who has worked at Cruise365 for eleven years.


I am a Newbie to Royal Caribbean and I thought to myself whilst walking through Port of Harwich, would I get on and experience that ‘WOW’. I wasn’t to be disappointed, I walked onto the ship and was greeted with the magnificent view of the, aptly named, WOW Centrum. By day it is the hub of social interaction, i.e. people enjoying a glass of fizzy Champagne celebrating the beginning of their holiday at ‘Vintages’ and by night the Centrum is transformed to house Jaw dropping aerial entertainment… My stomach got butterflies thinking of all those fantastic trapeze performers dangling so high in the air! The WOW Centrum is certainly the pulsing heart of Brilliance if the Seas and you can’t help but be in awe from the moment you see it!


We dropped off our bags then started exploring Brilliance of the Seas revitalised features. We decided we would start at the top, whilst weather permitted, and visited the 220ft Outdoor Movie screen. This is going to screen all major sporting events and latest movies so you don’t even have to move from your sun loungers. They have used the same technology that has been used in Wembley Stadium so you don’t miss one snippet of the action due to any picture quality issues…. And if it was a cooler evening, they will even provide you with cosy blankets so you can snuggle up under the stars with your loved ones and take in a movie!


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