Included Dining on Quantum of the Seas

With so many dining options on Quantum of the Seas I was guilty of grazing through the day. It was very easy to pop into Royal Caribbean’s signature snack areas like Sorrento’s Pizzeria or the Dog House which kept me fuelled to enjoy the Quantum Experience. Other casual dining areas include the Windjammer Marketplace, the cafe at Two70 and the cafe on the Royal Esplanade. I was surprised to find out that there are 4 additional restaurants included within the price, these are Grande, Chic, Silk and the American Icon Grill. I had the pleasure of dining in Grande and Chic. Grande is Quantum of the Seas formal restaurant with a stricter dress code, this is perfect for the more traditional guest and the beef tenderloin literally melted in the mouth. Chic was my personal favourite and I had to double check it was not a speciality restaurant. Silk is an Asian restaurant with fabulous decor and the American Icon Grill offer American classics with a twist. Personally I feel that Royal Caribbean have got the balance perfect so guests will not get bored with their dynamic dining options.





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